Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gossip Girl: The New Generation Chapter One

Hey People! 

Did you really think the party was over? Just because lonely boy finally came out and admitted he was the beloved Gossip Girl doesn't mean the fun ends here in the Upper East Side. Parties are still just as glamorous and the gossip still just as juicy. A new senior has class has taken place on the throne and scandals are bound to happen! Since this is only the beginning let me give you one tip about me: I'm not playing nice. NOBODY is safe. With the Constance Billard and St. Jude homecoming just around the corner we are sure to start things off with a bang! 


A buying her first ever box of condoms at the CVS on 97th and Lex. 
Looks like A is finally taking that next step with King R. 

Let me just leave things there, don't want to give all my secrets away in one session. 
Hope to have a fun year with you and don't try to figure out who I am.
That's one secret I'll never tell. 


Gossip Girl 

"Did you fucking see this?!" Ava Newman asked her best-friend Katie Smith who was busy trying on her Prom dress.
"A new Gossip Girl? I mean it was bound to happen at one point. Somebody gets lonely on their computer and needs to feel a part of the elite." Katie tried her best to pull the dress up but it got tighter each try.
"I think you're forgetting Dan Humphrey was part of the elite! Which means Gossip Girl could be anybody!" Ava unzipped the bag to her own dress checking out the tag. The dress was priced for $3000 but she got it on sale for $200. She asked the sales rep to leave the tag on because Katie couldn't know her dress was a knockoff.
"Oh, A that's so cute! I bet you'll be able to fit in yours unlike mine! I don't get it, I hardly eat food!" Katie cried. She took the dress off throwing it onto her bed.
"So what is going on with you and Roman tonight anyway?" Katie asked referring to Ava caught on Gossip Girl buying condoms.
"I think it's time. I mean Roman and I have been together for almost two years now." Ava couldn't help but smile when she talked about her St. Jude boyfriend Roman Tillman.
"Well, I am happy you are going to let him take a dip!" Katie joked jumping on top of Ava in a play way. The girls laughed with each other until both of their cellphones went off at the same time.
"Oh My God!" Ava said as she read the latest Gossip Girl blast.
"What?" Katie asked before she looked at her own phone.
"No fucking way!" She said dropping her phone.

"Dude, did you see this!?" Ty Bush asked his friend Roman Tillman as the two finished playing a game of tennis.
"If you're talking about Ava buying condoms, yes!" Roman grinned and punched Ty on the arm lightly.
Ty just looked at Roman not sure if he should read off Gossip Girls latest blast or not.
Roman took his shirt off and a few waitress at the country club whistled at him.
Roman laughed slipping on a dry tee-shirt.
"Man, I think you should check Gossip Girl." Ty told Roman leaving him in the locker room by himself.
Roman searched for his cell-phone in his backpack and checked the newest Gossip Girl post.
Roman felt his heart sink and took a seat on the bench. He tried to stop from crying but each tear poured out as he sat in the middle of the locker room.

Ava called Roman's cellphone six times but he sent her to voice-mail.
"Roman, please answer!" She cried over the voice-mail.
Ava finally made it to 19th street where a small library stood. The library hardly got any business since it was located in a bad part of New York City.
She entered the library searching around for one person.
Finally, she saw another teenager with geek glasses and a hippie style tee-shirt.
He was sitting at a table with his buried in a book.
Ava took a deep breathe and took a seat across from the boy.
"You're not that hard to find." Ava whispered.
"Thanks to Gossip Girl. Otherwise you wouldn't even know where I was." The boy said.
"Benton, you ran away! Your family has been worried about you!" Ava snapped.
"I didn't run, I was chased away and you know that Ava." Benton closed his book.
"Please, Benton you can't tell Roman what we did to you. He would never forgive me." Ava cried.
"Your secret is safe with me. If I tell my secret comes out as well. Just be warned Ava, I am back for good now. If you or Katie get in my way for what I've come back here to do I will stop you." Benton warned.
Benton stood up pushing his chair in and leaving Ava at the table scared for what the future could hold.

I told you the secrets and scandals were about to begin. However, this secret goes back a few years and cuts deep. 

Spotted- An old face returns to the Upper East Side. Looks like B has come back to settle some unfinished business.  Will the former King of St. Jude rip his throne back or will he mend broken relationships? As juicy as this may be it might take a while for these secrets to be discovered. 
Have no fear Gossip Girl here! 

You know you love me, 


Gossip Girl <3

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just Something About Love

I don't mind the men I have been with in my past or now.
From drug addicts, straight men in the closet and men who just used me for sex.

People call me crazy because I let this happen
But I remember that love isn't beautiful.
Love is fucking dark and cruel.

I remember New York City and the men I would meet
I remember Lapeer East and the boys who pretended to be straight.
I remember Mystery and how much I loved him.
I still love him and I feel like everything I write is about him still.

That's the thing you always remember the first guy you let inside of you.
You remember every sharp pain
Every moan
Every scent

It's everything after that makes you wanna forget.
It's remember that feeling that they didn't love you enough to not keep you a dirty little secret.

As of now I am waiting that for love that is hot and burns out.
I want a love that is dangerous.
I don't want a good man.
The danger makes me feel alive.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two FREE Kindle books today Feb 5th!

Every High School has their social outcasts. The band nerds, the math geeks, the chess club, the girl that chews her hair, but at Butler High, even the creepy nose picker in the chess club is more popular than Caleo Anima. No matter what he did, his pale skin, snow white hair, and piercing blue eyes always made him an easy target. He used to think that the only way things could get worse would be if someone found out that he was gay, but that isn't even the tip of the iceberg of problems after a mysterious stranger shows up and changes Caleo’s life forever.

Hidden amongst our society, a secret and magical race of people known as ‘Leeches’, have been engaging in civil war for decades. Both sides are desperately searching for a weapon with unlimited power that will give them the advantage they need to rule their world. This wouldn’t mean anything to Caleo, except for one problem...He is that weapon!

Forget making it through High School. Caleo has bigger problems! As the search for him goes on, the world is quickly crumbling around him. He's now fighting for his life and the life of what little family he has left. With the help of new friends, he has little time to try and master his newly found powers as he tries to figure out who he can trust, who is trying to use him, and who just wants him dead. One wrong step and being the awkward pale outcast will be the least of his worries

What if you knew the exact date and time the world will end, what would you do? 

Sam Tucker was faced with that dilemma when he began getting visions of the Earth's demise. Luckily for him, he was able to save his family and as many people as he could before the tragic event occurred, and he did so with the help of unknown visitors. With Earth now destroyed, Sam, his family, and thousands of other lucky survivors must live the rest of their lives on a faraway planet in a Dome that simulates life on Earth. But Sam's mind can't seem to rest as a few questions arise. Why did the aliens save them? How did they know about Earth's sure fate? And exactly what are they hiding? 

Emma Tucker begged for an escape from her boring life but never in a million years did she think it would come at the destruction of Earth. Living on a new planet and finding it difficult to get rid of her rebellious habits, Emma finds herself making friends with a member of the alien race and it soon develops into an unexplainable love; a love that is more dangerous than she could ever imagine. While her father is searching for his own truths, she has no idea that she is stumbling on a truth of her own.

Told from the point of view of both Sam and Emma, author Nova Sparks takes readers on a journey to discover love, fate, faith, truth, and the mystery of the DOME

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bars of Paradise Sneak Peek Two

Life in the city dead when Warren left.
He prayed things weren't always going to be this way. 
Rebel told himself it was going to be alright and Warren would return to him. 
He felt like he was living in his own personal hell. No, not hell something in between. Rebel didn't believe in heaven and hell. No, neither of those but something in between. 
In this world there was not only good and evil. Sometimes a bad man can corrupt a good soul. 

Rebel got back to the apartment and shut all the blinds and windows. He didn't want any light inside of his room. Darkness was fine with him for now. He even unplugged the phone knowing nobody was going to call him. After about twenty minutes he hooked the phone back up in case Warren or even Jameson called. 

Rebel curled up in the sheets of his bed which felt like it was missing the other half. The warmth Warren gave was now gone. 
How did they do it? How do women and men cope with somebody they love leaving to fight a war? How did they live with the fear of waking up each morning and getting a call saying the person they loved was shot or blown up in the middle of war?

Rebel hated war and several weeks passed without word of Warren. He had been in Iraq for six weeks now and who knew what was happening. Rebel read the news three times a day and watched the news every chance he could get. 
He sat in his apartment as the seasons changed. Fall soon became winter and snow covered the New York City grounds. Rebel noticed the apple in the snow globe Jameson gave him was now a darker red color and looked as if it was dying. 

One night Rebel watched some reality show on television when the phone rang. He jumped and quickly grabbed the phone but stopped himself from answering it. 
He prayed the news wasn't going to be bad as he clicked the button and put the phone to his ear feeling his body numb. 
"Rebel?!" It was Jameson' s voice. 
"Nice of you to call a month later." Rebel was shocked by his own voice. This was his first time hearing his voice in a while. It was raspy and sounded broken down. 
"Look, Rebel you're safe for now. Anthony and Tommy are working together but they are dealing with other things right now. You alright?" Jameson sounded like his own heart had been ripped apart. Rebel asked himself what happened when Jameson left him a few months ago. 
"I'm fine. Jameson what's wrong?" Rebel asked. 
Rebel could hear tears on the other end of the phone. 
"Clair...she tried to kill herself." Jameson broke out.

The two brothers talked for a few hours filling each other with details of their grim lives. 
Rebel told Jameson about Warren. 
Jameson said it was better Warren left for war. 
"You have your war at home and it's not fair he gets in the middle." He told Rebel. 
Rebel couldn't take anymore of the conversation and told Jameson he had to go. 
As the two went to hang up Jameson shouted out stopping Rebel. 
"Yes?" Rebel asked after a few seconds of silence. 
"I'm happy for you Rebel." 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bars of Paradise Sneak Peek 1!

There was a soft knock on the door just as Rebel finished. After quickly cleaning up, he opened his door where Sam stood with a smile. He was holding a beer, shirtless with shorts on. Rebel could tell he had no underwear on under his shorts. Sam wasn't the same man Rebel had known months ago. This business changed people and even made the most Godly of men fall.
Sam now had dark circles under his once glowing eyes and unshaven hair on his chest now.
He was turning into a mini version of Anthony.
“Your brother wanted to let you know he was going to do some sells.” Sam lied for Anthony.
“So? Why would I care?” Rebel said walking to his desk and hiding his journal under a few textbooks. Sam slowly walked into the bedroom which was off limits, one of Anthony’s new rules.
“He wants me to keep an eye on you. Are you doing alright?” Sam asked.
"Why would I tell you? You’re like his slave now.” Rebel snapped taking a seat on his bed.
“A few months ago you’d tell me anything.”
“Well, it’s funny what a few months and an ounce of drugs can do to a relationship.” Rebel gave Sam a stern look.
“Is this about what you just saw in the bathroom?” Sam asked.

Rebel looked away from Sam, and he saw it all of a sudden. Maybe he was just a little jealous of Sam and the girl in the bathroom. Rebel wanted a relationship with another man so badly and it seemed unfair that a random girl could find that with any man within a few minutes of meeting them. Sam joined Rebel on his bed (another rule broken).
“Tell me what’s been up with you?” Sam pleaded.
Rebel finally gave in and pulled a letter from his top drawer. He handed the letter to Sam a little nervous for what could happen next.
“Fucking hell Rebel, you got accepted into New York University!” Sam hugged Rebel in excitement. Rebel liked the bare feeling of Sam but hated the smell of weed and alcohol that escaped his lips.
“I only applied because my English teacher made us. I didn't think I would get accepted.” Rebel folded his arms. He was shy and scared of the fact that Sam now knew his secret.
“You don’t want to go?”
“No, I want do. It’s just…” Rebel stopped himself.
“Anthony. Rebel, he can’t stop you from living your life.” Sam said and took a sip of his beer.
“I’m a little scared of what Anthony might do but I’m also scared of my life without him. I've never had a moment where my brothers weren't there.” Rebel admitted.
“If anybody can make it in this world it’s you.” Sam said and Rebel flash backed to the words his father said to him the day he was killed. Rebel kissed Sam on the cheek. He watched for his reaction, and a small grin appeared on his face.
“I’ll send the girl home.” Sam said as Rebel watched him walk out of his forbidden bedroom.
Even if Sam looked different on the outside his heart was still just as pure on the inside.
Rebel reread his acceptance letter once more just as he heard a car pull into his driveway.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bars of Paradise Characters : Rebel

Rebel is the main character of my novel "Bars of Paradise" out March 13th. Writing Rebel was very tricky because I wanted him holding this innocent no other character in the novel held. He still believes in the good of the world. What made it so tricky writing for him was that any action he made could have been judged as not innocent. Over the course of this novel Rebel finds himself changing while discovering love, betrayal and a faith of his own. 
Rebels' love for Warren, a Marine teaches him that faith carries you a long way. When Warrenn is deployed and Rebel is left alone once again he must learn to carry on. 

I loved writing for Rebel and I believe by the end of the novel you will find you can relate to him! 

American Horror Story questions left unanswered OR did you just not pay attention?!?!

  Next week we reach our final week of American Horror Story Coven which I am very very sad about.
I've enjoyed this season and every bit of racism, magic and murder that went on!
Let's just be clear this season had two main lessons:
1. All your actions come back to you. We learn this thanks to Papa Legba.
2. As Misty Day said "We don't need a man to protect us." You girls GOT to stick together!

A lot of people feel that this season started things that they did not answer and I am going to help clear things up for all you television watchers and readers out there!

Question One: How did Marie's lover become a bull? What happened to him? Did he die?

The answer to if he died is no and yes. Fiona first cut his head off but he was immortal like Marie. It was never stated what Marie did with his head. However, one can guess once Marie died he died as well.
How did he become a bull? Well, assuming that he was near death when Marie found him in the torture attic, Marie did tell Fiona that if she gives a vial of her tears to a mortal that mortal become immortal.
But, that mortal stays the way they were at the time of drinking the tears.

Question Two: How did Marie and Delphine die and go to hell?

This one is simple if you paid attention. Papa Legba knew Marie was no use to him in a bunch of pieces so he revoked their deal. Since Delphine was only immortal because she drank a vile of Marie's tears that means the deal is off with her as well allowing Queenie to kill her.

Question Three: How do all the witches have so many powers?

This was explained in the first episode that it's not uncommon for a witch to have three or even four of the seven wonders. Cordilla also stated that powers spike in times of crisis.