Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday T.V. Reviews: MTV needs to hire new people!

Another season of the Real World kicked off on
MTV and I held off writing a review thinking it would get better a few episodes in.

First off, MTV failed by putting a show that was already low in ratings on Wednesday night at 10. I laughed at the fact that the idiots believed Real World could even stand up against American Horror Story and The People Choice Award. Like we all know it failed in ratings its opening week.

The Ex twist is pretty cool it's just Big Brother did it better.

My final thing about the Real World or rather questions:

Are these the people MTV really thinks we want to watch?

How many seasons of the Real World have had the same old storyline of boy who gets drunk and acts violently towards girl in the house he fucked already.

What happened to the Real World that showed diversity and found people that we could relate with? Instead all that seems to get cast is a group of straight attractive people who get drunk, fuck on t.v.and fight about stupid shit with each other.

Maybe it's because I am getting older but this show is as shallow...well as MTV.

If this review makes you want to check it out go to MTV Wednesday night at 10.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Horror Story Wednesday: Christmas Edition

There is no new episode of American Horror Story tonight cause it's Christmas! Merry Christmas to all the freaks reading this for a horror story. I am truly thankful for all the post, tweets and messages you all leave me. Now let the Christmas horror begin!

Year 1929. Shortly before Christmas father and husband Charlie Lawson took his family and made them take a family portrait. This was unusually since the family was not rich. The new clothes became burial clothes for the family.

On December 25th Charlie began his murders with his daughters, Carrie and Maybell. They were on their way to their aunt's and uncles house and Charlie waited for them by a barn shooting them once they were in range.

Afterwards he went back to the house killed his wife, daughter Marie and two of the younger boys. Last he killed the baby Lou.
After a few hours he shot himself.
The only survivor was 16 year old Arthur who was sent out for an errand just before the shooting began.

After many interviews during the 90s the truth came out. Charlie had gotten his daughter Marie pregnant.

........ Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Horror Story Wednesday: The Zodiac Killer

No new episode of American Horror Story Coven so yeah I am pretty depressed right now! However, here is your daily dose of Horror for today!

Yet another killer that identify has never been discovered and it seems it will remain that way. Like the Axeman of New Orleans between December 1968 and October 1969 the Zodiac Killer terrorized the residents of California with several letters sent to the local newspaper taking owner ship of many murders around the area.

The most shocking murder had to be on September 27th 1969. A man wearing a Zodiac sign forced a young woman to tie her boyfriend up then he tied her up stabbing them both several times.

The Zodiac claimed to have killed several victims in his letters which could be true but police only linked five murders to him.

The crazy shit people do in this world truly does share the fuck of me!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Man Candy Monday: American Horror Story: Alexander Dreymon

I don't find him all that sexy but some people do so here you go!

Mid-Season Finales The Best and The Just Okays!

This year television is doing things a little different now and spitting seasons into two parts. This is smart because shows usually go down in ratings around holidays and they also keep people interested when there is a nice break in between. Here are my reviews for the mid-season finales.

To kick things off we have Glee and the "Previously Unaired Christmas Special"
Once again Glee shows a clear divide in the Lima story lines and the New York story lines.
It's almost as if the writers are playing favorites since the New York cast just seems to have grown up and really are interesting to watch. Hell, I would love for Glee to drop the Lima story line and move the show to HBO or something so they could spice it up a bit.
One thing I did not like about this episode is that it was suppose to take place LAST Christmas. Which mean, Joe and Sugar would have still been in the Glee club and (RIP) Finn would still be alive.
It was hard to swallow and Glee was doing good at moving on with Cory/Finn's death but this was a step in the wrong direction. Also they need to chill with some musical numbers.....

Over on the CW two shows STILL seem to be getting it right (Supernatural and Arrow) while others are failing (Reign, Tomorrow People, Vampire Diaries) Again, I don't get why the CW thinks all teen dramas have to have the entire cast of characters sleep with each other at one point or the other. I was really in love with Grant as Barry Allen, he is a flawless actor.
Really, do I even have to say anything nice about Supernatural? This show has NEVER disappointed me. Jensen, Jared and Misha are beyond amazing men and fucking PERFECT cast!

For a show about fairy tales it was one depressing ending! I won't give any spoilers away but the mid-season finale is an episode you DON'T miss! Every thing you think you know about OUAT has been cleared away and a new beginning has been written for the show which I love! Great performances by all of the actors. 

Revenge is a great show but it seems to be KING of dragging things out. Poor Emily, she may never get her revenge. Very interesting mid-season finale and I am looking forward to the return in Jan. 

I saved the best for last! American Horror Story Coven was fucking genius! Every actor gives an A performance and if you haven't been watching you need to catch up before the show returns in January! 

My Overall Mid-Season Finale Grades 
Glee- C-
Arrow- B 
Supernatural- B 
Once Upon A Time- A 
Revenge- C+
American Horror Story- A +

Man Candy Monday: Revenge never looked so good!

Revenge has and will always be a sexy and guilty pleasure show! Airing Sundays at 9 on ABC Revenge tells the story of a young lady who is out seeking revenge on the people who framed her father for a crime when she was a little girl. Great story lines but below are a few men that aren't too bad on the eyes. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Real Housewives Of High-School.....opps I mean Beverly Hills

One show I have been hooked on since the beginning is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but this season is taking on a whole NEW meaning it seems. These ladies are rich and have a degree of fame that in prior seasons it was as if they weren't letting it all out because they had so many secrets to hide. Well, thanks to Brandi NOBODY has been safe since season 3. Kyle, Kim, Adriana, Joyce and in upcoming weeks Lisa have all been under attack by Brandi spilling secrets on film and making no apologizes for it. Yes, this makes for good television BUT is it worth watching people have to defend themselves against things that we know are true but it's none of our business. I want to break down my opinions on some of the housewives starting with the two newest. 

Joyce seems to be the newest punching bag on the show and I am waiting for her to stick up for herself more. Honestly, I have yet to see a side of Joyce I don't like. I usually enjoy the women on the shows who are classy but shocking at the same time. Joyce has even tried to help Lisa out by hinting to her Brandi is not a true friend, which based off Lisa's blog this week I think she comes to learn this lesson the hard way.
Joyce is also the first "non-white girl" to be cast on the Beverly Hills Housewives and it's causing some of the other ladies true colors to be shown. All I have negative to say about Joyce is that she needs to put her foot down cause nobody should take the way the ladies were acting while inside of a house Joyce invited them too. We still have a lot of season maybe! If not there is always the reunion ;)

Carlton....Carlton Carlton. Yes, I had to say the name three names because a women like her needs to have her name said three times. I have a mixed review on Carlton. First, she is honest! I will give her that. However, I've noticed she is quiet and soft-spoken with the ladies but does speak up for herself. She is very funny and sexy and adds freshness to the show! My negative review of Carlton is, let's keep it real she came onto the show already knowing who she liked and who she didn't like! But you have to admit, we are all a little bit nicer to people we want to sleep with- hint her kindness to Brandi. 
Poor Kyle lost another friend in Carlton cause that relationship is heading NOWHERE but south. Also her Wicca lifestyle is pretty fucking cool! 

Never knew Yolanda and Brandi were two different people....hmmm. 
Well, Yolanda was semi-liked her first season BUT that all went down the drain at the reunion and this weeks episode. These two mean girls tend to keep gaining up on people. Brandi keeps saying her rude comments are jokes....I see why Eddie left you Brandi....I'm JUST JOKING! HA HA Funny! 
Also, Brandi writing a sex book....didn't Eddie cheat on you with dozens of women and leave you for one? I will wait until the woman who took your husband writes her sex book cause she IS doing something right...

The Bomb ass duo! Seeing Kyle and Kim getting along this season warms my heart. I am so happy Kim got herself together! Kyle...I won't lie I hated her for a while this season but seeing how she has done a turn around with Joyce and Carlton (Carlton doesn't like her remember) it's amazing to watch. What I am saying is when Brandi first joined the show people were calling Kim and Kyle the mean girls but knowing what we know now about Brandi maybe she had that coming all along. I honestly think Kim has more fun in her interviews by herself than she does with the ladies lol. Great pair this season and really turning my mind around about them! Fab Fab Fab! 

Lisa does no wrong...she's perfect..THE END! 
(but look out Lisa cause you have some hard times coming this season...)

Joyce tried to warn you Lisa.